Katie Lackey

Katie Square.jpg

My role in the Residency is on the Groups Team as the Serve the City Coordinator.

I received God’s call to lay my life down daily and pursue missions at 14 years old. God has been faithful to teach and equip me and I thought it was time to serve as a professional geologist. Praying through my next moves I realized I needed to do the residency as an act of obedience to correctly orient my life. I am hoping to leave residency confident in leading people towards service with the gospel not only as an internal motivation but as the evident hero of our lives and our community.

Jordan Sirois

My role in the Residency is serving as a Pastoral Assistant at Midtown Two Notch.

I decided to do the Residency to see what vocational ministry looks like, and to serve in a place where I could learn more about my giftedness while growing as a gospel-driven servant and leader. Some of my goals for the Residency are to learn more about administration in vocational ministry and to serve Midtown well as a Resident.

Dustin Smith

I am so excited to be apart of the May 2017 Residency class where I will be serving as the Serve The City Coordinator.

I honestly think this position is a perfect role that combines my passion with what Jesus has been teaching me over the past few years.  I'm interested in caring for folks in Columbia who are dealing with homelessness and mental illnesses. I love seeing people in God's family interact with justice issues in our community. And I love seeing people who are hurting in our community get welcomed into the hospitality of God's family. That's exactly what Jesus has done for me and I am excited to share that with others.

Joseph Heavener

I am part of the 2017 residency class. My role in the Residency is serving as a Pastoral Assistant on the Teaching Team at Midtown Lexington.

I decided to do the residency program because I am called to pastoral ministry and wanted to learn how to serve and teach in a God glorifying and gospel centered way. I hope my time serving Midtown will help me to discern some things for my future ministry through the experience and opportunity it provides. 

Jonathan Pritchard

I am excited to serve on Teaching Team and with Kids and Families, and, of course, I like long walks on the beach.

I decided to do the Residency because I have sensed that vocational ministry might be something that the Lord has for me, and I believe that this is a great opportunity to dip my toe in those waters and give it a shot!  God's given me a heart for children, and I am excited to exercise that in my role with Kids and Families. I also believe that I have gifts in discernment, teaching, and communication, which have not been exercised as much in my life as of yet. I look forward to stretching myself and growing by being a part of our Teaching Team at Midtown.

Savannah Han

My role in the Residency will be on Groups Teams, specifically as an events coordinator and leading the “connect” role at Midtown. 

I was surprised, and I still am to be doing the Residency at Midtown. It was always my plan to graduate college and go straight to medical school, but the Lord is sovereign and had different plans for me than what I saw for myself. Ultimately, I decided to do the Residency because I realized that in my entire walk with Jesus I had never sacrificed anything for Him or His Kingdom. I know that I could never repay the Lord for all he has done for me, but I wanted Him to know His intentionality and relentless pursuit of me, despite my sin, had not gone unnoticed. I am doing the Residency because I consider it a great joy to get to show my church family and new friends coming around Midtown the same love that Christ showed to me at the beginning of my walk with him, and continues to show me daily. 

Canon Blackwell

My role in the Residency is serving as a Pastoral Assistant at Midtown Downtown.

God has been guiding me in my life toward working with Him in many different areas and the residency is the next step in my learning journey with Him. I love what Midtown is about and how the teaching and ministry has lead me to grow in my faith through the years and I cannot wait to help Lexington grow in that same way. God has called me into church planting and mission work with Him and Midtown is a great way to learn how to impact my city and beyond, for Him.