Savannah Han

My role in the Residency will be on Groups Teams, specifically as an events coordinator and leading the “connect” role at Midtown. 

I was surprised, and I still am to be doing the Residency at Midtown. It was always my plan to graduate college and go straight to medical school, but the Lord is sovereign and had different plans for me than what I saw for myself. Ultimately, I decided to do the Residency because I realized that in my entire walk with Jesus I had never sacrificed anything for Him or His Kingdom. I know that I could never repay the Lord for all he has done for me, but I wanted Him to know His intentionality and relentless pursuit of me, despite my sin, had not gone unnoticed. I am doing the Residency because I consider it a great joy to get to show my church family and new friends coming around Midtown the same love that Christ showed to me at the beginning of my walk with him, and continues to show me daily.