Homeless Ministry

Austin Hetherington

Austin Heatherington.jpg

My role in the residency is working on the Teaching Team.

I decided to do Residency because I wanted to make a lasting impact in our city and at USC. When I arrived in Columbia four years ago, I was excited to take advantage of all the fun, wild aspects of going to an SEC school: Greek life, bars, tailgates – you name it. Halfway through, God intervened in a radical way. Since then, He’s continued to replace my selfish desires for ones He’s given me anew. All throughout college, my plan was to graduate, get my PhD, and follow my dream of staying in academia to research biomedical technologies. Now, as I explore a potential calling to vocational ministry (among other available career paths), God is using this year-long experience to mold me into the man I’ve been called to be – by providing the ideal environment in which to grow.